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Frequently Asked Questions About Probabilistic Technology, PredictionProbe and UNIPASS® Software



  1. What is Probabilistic Technology?
  2. When was Probabilistic Technology developed?
  3. What is the difference between statistical approaches and Probabilistic Technology?
  4. What is UNIPASS?
  5. Do I have to be an engineer to use UNIPASS?
  6. How long does it take to learn Probabilistic Technology?
  7. How do Monte Carlo simulations relate to Probabilistic Technology?
  8. Why do we need Probabilistic Technology?
  9. Is Probabilistic Technology mature enough for practical applications?
  10. What is the best way to begin implementing the technology?
  11. At what stage of a project should Probabilistic Technology be implemented?
  12. Which industries have potential applications in Probabilistic Technology?
  13. What kind of projects most benefit from Probabilistic Technology?
  14. What kind of operating systems does the UNIPASS software require?
  15. What kind of technology support does PredictionProbe offer its customers?
  16. How do I become a registered user in the Probabilistic Technology Community?

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4. What is UNIPASS?

UNIPASS® is a commercial, general-purpose, probabilistic software tool developed by, PredictionProbe's. UNIPASS® has been developed by the founders of PredictionProbe, Inc., Drs. Khalessi and Hong-Zong Lin and is being continuously enhanced and developed by PredictionProbe Team of Probabilistic Technology experts. This software is a PC-based Windows 32 compliant software engine that can be utilized independently, as a stand-alone software engine, and/or integrated with deterministic software tools to perform complex probabilistic analyses. In the analysis, UNIPASS® provides the basis for modeling uncertainties, computing probabilities, identifying most likely outcomes, and calculating sensitivity measures, while the deterministic software tools (if integrated) provide the computational framework for constructing complex deterministic process models. The UNIX-based process models and their associated deterministic software may be integrated with UNIPASS® using PredictionProbe's proprietary software UniFace.