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Critical Value Calculator

The critical value for each test method is function of distribution type and sample size when the distribution parameters are completely unknown (i.e., Case 3) and needed to be estimated from the observed data. The following items, therefore, should be specified to calculate the critical value:

  • Type of test methods
  • Distribution type
  • Sample size
  • Significance level (or P-Value)

 Similarly, to compute the significance level, users need to provide

  • Type of test methods
  • Distribution type
  • Sample size
  • Critical value

  Example 1:

Calculate the critical value for given the following conditions:

  1. Use Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test
  2. Sample size is 10
  3. The Distribution type is Beta distribution
  4. the significance level is 0.1

Enter the given conditions as shown in the following figure.

Then press the “Enter” (i.e., carry return) in the Significance box to execute the solver of Critical Value Calculator. The result is given in the following figure.

The critical value and its corresponding COV (coefficient of variation) are 0.2201 and 0.00433, respectively. The PDF/CDF plots for the sample size of 10 can be viewed by click the PDF/CDF push button. These two plots are shown in the following figure.




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